Since watching the TV show Then Came Bronson as a kid back in 1969, one of the things that was added to the top of my "bucket list" at an early age was to ride Highway 1 along the California coast on a motorcycle.  This got modified slightly when I test rode a red BMW K75S in 1986 and decided that that was the perfect bike for the task. In 1996, while working in San Francisco, I pulled the trigger, purchased a pristine 1991 K75S with ABS and realized my dream.  Though I really wasn't much of a rider at the time, I had a great ride which more than fulfilled my expectations.

It is, without a doubt, the best riding road in the country.  During the summer months it tends to be packed with tourists in rental cars and RVs.  I try to ride it in the off season during the middle of the week as that's when its most open traffic-wise.

As of April, 2013, I have ridden all or part of it 25 times on eleven different K bikes. It never gets old.  In fact, the more I ride it and learn it, the more fun it is.

Highway 1 starts in Leggett, CA and twists and turns it's way 441 miles to where it meets Highway 46 north of San Luis Obispo with fantastic views of the Pacific coast the whole way.  As an added bonus, in the middle of it is a ride across The Golden Gate Bridge and a panoramic view of San Francisco.  On one ride I saw a pod of migrating whales off the coast south of Big Sur.

1) July, 1996 - K75S:


2) May, 2004 - K75RT:


3) May, 2005 - K1100LT:


4) July, 2005 - K100RS4V:


5) December, 2005 - K100RS4V:


6) May, 2006 - K100RS4V:


7) October, 2006 - K75S:


8) January, 2007 - K100RS4V:


9) March, 2007 - K100RS4V:


10) July, 2007 - K1100RS:


11) November, 2011 - K1100RS:


12) January, 2008 - K1100RS:


13) March, 2008 - K1100LT:


14) April, 2008 - K1100LT:


15) November, 2008 - K1100RS:


16) January, 2009 - K1100RS:


17) January, 2010 - K1100RS:


18 & 19) I also rode my K1100LT down the coast in November, 2010 and then back up in March, 2011 but I dropped my camera and the SD card broke so I don't have pictures of those rides.

20) May, 2011 - K1:


21) October, 2011 - K1100RS:


22) April, 2012 - K1100RS:


23) December, 2012 - My K75 "Frankenbrick" that I custom built from scratch with a K1100 front end, K1100RS fairing, hybrid ABS and a paralever final drive. Here's a nighttime panorama shot of San Francisco with a silhouette of the K75F in the foreground:


24) April, 2013 - K1100LT:


25) April, 2013 - K75F:


More to come...